The Forgotten Crag

Giving back to the community a unique cliff in a fascinating place, to climb again one of the most beautiful rock walls in Italy.

The forgotten crag: everyone’s cliff

Once upon a time, but more accurately in the late 80s, a time when climbing as a sport was gaining momentum, one could find near a small village squeezed between the Brenta Dolomites on one side, and the river Sarca Valley on the other, a cliff that possessed the characteristics of being both beautiful and pleasurable to climb, which made it stand out among its kind.

Climbers clad in lycra tights of preposterous colors used to swarm upon this shield of rock jutting out of a field, crossed by a gentle stream of mountain water, and their numbers were steadily rising, also thanks to the publicity provided by the first official guide to the Arco area, which of course featured this little angle of paradise.

But alas, on a sad day in the early 90s, the owner of this piece of land, tired of the sight of these weird looking beings who slept in vans and frolicked on his beautiful field, maybe believing them to be untrustworthy individuals, decided to close off access and for good measure had all the nails pulled from the rock.

On that day, the legend of the cliff was born, and the climbers of the “old generation” reminisce to this day about it, remembering its beauty, the view above the Sarca river gorges, the sunkissed meadows below it, and talk with nostalgia about its very rock and its quasi-magical atmosphere.

DolomitiOpen, an amateur sport association, is campaigning to reopen access to the cliff, and give it back to the climbers, as we believe that such a beautiful and history rich place should not be owned by one individual, but instead belong to the community.

We want this cliff to be “everyone’s cliff” again, and this is why everyone’s contribution is fundamental!






The campaign starts on April 26 and it lasts 40 days!


What will the funds be spent on?

DolomitiOpen plans to buy from the current owner about 1000 sq meters of land, including the cliff and the meadows directly below it.

DolomitiOpen will also take care of re-nailing the climbs and restore the area

The first 10 itineraries will be re-nailed also thanks to the contribution our sponsors, which pledged to donate the necessary material.

All the funds raised after the initial goal will be used to re-open the additional pitches, for a total of about 40s, tracing the old nails.

What is DolomitiOpen?

DolomitiOpen is an association created to promote the idea or concept of “accessible mountain”, and of the Dolomites as a place of social interaction through a series of projects and events strictly no profit, but instead focusing on the social, cultural, and sport related values of our mountains, and a sustainable approach to them.

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